Let’s see the world in a different perspective

Sometimes, security cameras catch something totally different.


Double Birthday Bash Celebration

It’s my 2 buddies birthday celebration

Aubrey and Dimple’s birthday celebration!

It’s nice to be home and to have friends like them 🙂

Like or Dislike? Photos of Claudine and Raymart During and After the Press Conference

Like or Dislike? Photos of Claudine and Raymart During and After the Press Conference

Got this from

Sorry but I’m with Tulfo’s side… it’s like, hey okay na sa acting? 😀 anyways… the only way to finish this is we should be diplomatic.

Just Forget


Just forget.

That’s what the girl said to me yesterday.

Forget how he made you smile without saying a word.

Forget how he pulled you close so you’d feel protected at night.

Forget how he would call and say I love you and hang up and do it again.

Forget how he took your hand and promised he’d never break your heart.

Forget how he surprised you with a dozen roses and the last one never dies.

Forget how he smells like the first time you ever met.

Forget how he walks really slowly to catch you thinking of him.

Forget how he talks and the way his voice sounds on the phone.

Forget how his simple words in a text made you get butterflies.

Forget how many nights you cried yourself to sleep thinking he’s your life.

Forget how he never did anything right, but it was always perfect.

Forget how he called you beautiful and not fine as hell.

Forget how he never leaves your mind and how he’s still in your heart.

Forget how everything that girl said was staring back at you, telling you to move on.

Just forget she said.

Im sure he has.